Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday 260411

everything seemed to be fined today. class started at 8. supposed to be started at that time, but our lecturer was not around. she's in Bangi. so I opened my lappy and did online for few hours. 
and then for BMK's time, puan Norma came in and told us that today was the last class for BMK. Bob did asked her whether we have BMK in next sem and GOSH, the answer was YES!   
seriously, I do not have much heart in this subject because I think it is very challenging and .......
fine, enough laa. 
haa. this evening I'll accompany syu to JPJ to renew her license. 
yesterday was her 20th birthday. yup, we didn't celebrate it because yesterday also we had to fight in our TITAS's UAK. so, we think maybe we will postpone it to another free day/time. 
Aminah Syuhada@my rummie@my bestfren, if u are reading this. 
it's a fact that u're older than me now!
i heart u honey (:

nahhh. take this..

ang suka kek cekelat kan? aku tau! HAHA :D

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